Fleetmanagement for small MHE fleets: simply smart!

PowerFleet® ESSENCE - The intelligent entrance fleet management solution

PowerFleet® ESSENCE is intelligent, economical and OEM-agnostic. The perfect management solution to operate small MHE fleets, e.g. forklift fleets (< 10 trucks),  safe and cost efficient.

The system includes the easy-to-install OC53 operator console for access control, an electronic safety checklist, an impact sensor and the fleet management App ” PowerFleet® Control Center” for an easy download from the Appstore (iOS) on an iPad or iPhone.

The data transfer works automatically via Bluetooth; there is no complicated set-up, no costly IT involvement, it just works out of the box.

  • Easy installation
  • Easy to use
  • Easy configuration of electronic safety checklist
  • Easy data communication


... further information about PowerFleet® ESSENCE will follow soon.

 For more technical details, please download the product data sheet here.

PF EssenceBluetooth


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